Gene and Karen Wolfenbarger are the founding and Senior Leaders of The Gathering Church. 

Pastor Gene has been serving the Kingdom of God in full-time ministry for nearly four decades. His life is marked by deep intimacy with the Lord and obedience to fulfilling the mandate the Lord has given Him. These themes that anchor his life - a life of prayer and communion with God, being obedient and faithful to the Lord’s call on our lives, and holding onto the promises of God’s Word are evident in the life of The Gathering Church family. Gene is passionate about the plan of God and believes it is his job to equip the church with the knowledge and understanding they need to receive everything God has for them. 

Karen is a teacher and leader who has been serving the local church for over two decades now. Her ministry is marked by her wisdom and ability to help connect people’s talents with the Kingdom. It is her desire to see local churches come together with a Kingdom mindset to better serve our communities, families, and children. Pastor Gene constantly references the importance of serving and leading The Gathering with Karen, always emphasizing that God called them to lead The Gathering as one.